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Server infrastructure support

Experience seamless server infrastructure support with our cutting-edge "Server Infrastructure Support as a Service." We ensure uninterrupted operations, offering expert assistance in managing, monitoring, and optimizing your server environment. Our comprehensive service encompasses proactive maintenance, security protocols, and rapid issue resolution, guaranteeing peak performance and reliability. With a customer-centric approach, we tailor our support to your unique infrastructure needs, providing cost-effective solutions that align with your business objectives. Trust us to handle the complexities of server management, allowing you to focus on your core business functions. Elevate your operations with our dedicated Server Infrastructure Support as a Service – your pathway to uninterrupted efficiency.

  • Primary audit of existing server infrastructure;

  • monitoring of existing servers and applications;

  • Monitoring of existing data storage systems;

  • Monitoring of existing SAN switches;

  • If necessary, communication with manufacturers and solving problems;

  • Updating the configuration and documentation in case of adding new hardware;

  • Identification and elimination of existing server infrastructure problems according to verbally provided information and monitoring system;

  • Management of software updates of existing hardware;

  • Full reporting on the current state of the server infrastructure;

  • 24/7 support in case of a critical incident;

  • Redesign planning and execution if necessary.

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