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Information technologies is growing and evolving faster than any other realm. Not only new devices and solutions emerge rapidly, but wholly new ideas and approaches come into play within short timeframes. Some of them are unique and set new standards, some of them broaden existing solutions and some of them create new branches in IT, like cloud computing has done in recent years. Despite the difference, what they have in common is that such emerging technologies boost businesses as they equip them with new tools to do more in less time. 


Disregarding the fact that in modern societies personal computing is easily accessible, having hands on a computing machine is not enough to make oneself a professional. Gaining skills and achieving expertise requires guided instructions before entering professional environment of a company as an IT specialist. Having a profound background in theory of your chosen specialization will help you confidently introduce yourself to everyday challenging tasks. 


Spectre offers IT training courses for industry newcomers and also for experienced engineers and managers to boost their skills further. Courses are designed to match existing requirements. Special courses are designed for those who do not speak Georgian and are offered in English or Russian.

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