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Networking is a central part of the organization’s IT infrastructure. It is the network that interconnects computing devices to each other and creates foundation for unified communication, enterprise mobility, rapid data exchange and for many other services. Network is not only LANs and WLANs, it is a productivity tool that boosts performance.


Since networking is one of the major component of everyday computing, multiple vendors have emerged on market offering large scale of solutions. Some specialize in specific aspects of networking, such as network security and integrity. Hence market is diverse in terms of products. Expertise is required to manage to obtain the right solution for every customer, since poorly designed network directly reflects on organizational performance. 


As an owner of the major fiber optic channel of the region, Spectre has excessive experience in network design and installation. It offers building robust network infrastructure fully compliant with industry standards, using best practices of technology life-cycle management (TLM) and regulations of corporate governance guidelines.

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