ICT is enormous. It has become complex and multifaceted over time after advancements in conventional computing and telecommunications. IT now is the foundation and one of the core feature upon which organizations put their workflows to run uninterruptedly. Every company seeks for tools to ensure their business continuity is stable.


Information technology is a profitable business that has induced multiple vendors to enter market, bringing diverse products and solutions to choose from. However decision-making process might be tough as long as it demands some expertise skills to find cost-efficient solution for the organization’s needs.


Spectre offers professional IT consulting to aid companies to implement properly selected information technology solutions to meet their business objectives. This involves auditing companies to identify strengths and weaknesses of their existing IT environment. Spectre helps clients to develop a strategic road-map that aligns their IT strategy and investments to their business priorities. Delta-Comm also assist in developing specific strategies for mobility, cloud, and IT-as-a-service to help customers unlock the potential of these emerging technologies.

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