Nowadays business grow faster than ever due to agile tools provided for operation. Complex structure of an enterprise sometimes demands IT services to be handled not solely by a department, but by an entirely independent entity of an enterprise - organization that has a business-centric focus. 


ITaaS is a model IT part of the enterprise acts and operates as a distinct business entity creating IT products and managing IT services for other ‘line of business’ organizations of the same enterprise. This model is highly competitive, since subsidiary companies of the enterprise generally have great amount of various needs in terms of IT solutions and ITaaS has to compete against outsourcing companies to match with these needs. 


ITaaS model has great advantages over its complexity. The benefits to the enterprise sought by using the ITaaS model include the standardization and simplification of products delivered by IT, improved financial transparency and more direct association of costs to consumption, and increased IT operational efficiency resulting from the need to compare the price of internally produced products to those available from external providers.


Spectre offers large enterprises professional assistance in adopting ITaaS model through comprehensive research of the organization’s IT culture and environment. Selected data will be analyzed by experts of the field and best scenario would be offered to the client after assessment of risks and determining compatibility of organization’s business processes to ITaaS model.