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Cloud services

Cloud technologies entered the enterprise agenda by offering a faster, smarter, and lighter technology infrastructure. Today, cloud platforms have become core to an organization’s innovation ecosystem delivering accelerated value by driving new business models. The global pandemic has also highlighted the role of the cloud in enabling business resilience, accelerating its adoption further.
Spectre enables enterprises to harness the power of the cloud by leveraging  Cloud technologies ​leverage our experience working with all major cloud providers to help organizations accelerate their transformation and get the most from high-performing cloud environments, whether public, private, or hybrid. 


What we offer 


  • Cloud discovery and optimization

  • Cloud migration

  • Cloud-native development


Spectre covers the entire spectrum of cloud development capabilities, helping our clients create a holistic strategy, migrate their applications and workloads to virtualized environments or refactor them for more efficient utilization of cloud-native services. Before starting any development or migration, we perform a thorough analysis of your current IT infrastructure, as well as build a clear roadmap to extract the desired level of cost efficiency and ensure that all your business-critical requirements are met.

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