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Enterprise businesses are driving force of the modern world. Digital content and computerized data manipulation speed directly correlates with company’s performance. Successful business is unimaginable without strong continuity foundation and centralized solution for data storage and processing. Data center is a solution for ensuring seamless business continuity.


Spectre's engineers have years long experience in designing and building data centers. Construction of a data center is a complex project that requires installation of fully-featured environment, including raised floor system, structural cabling, Power systems and redundant power supply, precision cooling, fire detection and suppression systems, environment monitoring and security systems.


Data centers built by us are fully compliant to ANSI/TIA-942 standards. Expected availability corresponds to the relevant tier and ensures that downtime is planned and within predefined ranges – without any unpleasant and costly surprise. Spectre LLC has a solid reputation for data center construction, being a prominent provider of this solution for private and public entities in Georgia.


We can build data centers from scratch, including construction stage, install all necessary infrastructure and components and furnish it with computing, storage and communication equipment upon request.

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