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Cybersecurity is a core business requirement, providing a secure foundation to transform your enterprise and support your business. Through Spectre's portfolio of cybersecurity services, you gain access to proven cybersecurity practitioners enabled by expertise and driven by experience. Our services, solutions, and delivery models provide increased visibility and rapid detection of threats in your enterprise. Using our end-to-end services, we can accelerate your cybersecurity growth through every phase of your cyber transformation — whatever your team’s level of cybersecurity maturity. We offer cybersecurity customized to individual business contexts and act as a partner in your cyber-transformation journey.

IT infrastructure


Facilities or physical plants provide space for networking hardware, servers and data centers. It also includes the network cabling in office buildings to connect components of an IT infrastructure together


Networks are comprised of switches, routers, hubs, and servers. Switches connect network devices on local area networks (LAN) like routers, servers, and other switches. Routers allow devices on different LANs to communicate and move packets between networks. 


A core hardware component needed for an enterprise IT infrastructure is a server. Servers are essentially computers that allow multiple users to access and share resources. 

Server room/data center

Organizations house multiple servers in rooms called server rooms or data centers. Data centers are the core of most networks.

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