Company Profile

Spectre LLC is a Georgia based private company established in 2016. Spectre was founded by entrepreneurs and IT experts who have decades of experience in information technologies and have led projects worth several million USD.  

Spectre is a trusted company that has label of bright reputation. Company is a favored partner of vendors such as: IBM, HP, Dell, Cisco, Oracle and more. Close partnership with vendors enables Spectre to conduct business with enhanced effectiveness in obtaining competitive prices and support for vendor solutions. 


Due to this reason, despite relatively short period of its operation, Spectre already managed to make immensely positive impact for many government and private agencies and organizations.  


Spectre covers customers needs fully, from consulting and architecture design to actual implementation and deployment of solutions and services. 


Scope of activities

Main business activities:

  • Telecommunications

  • Systems integration

  • Hardware and software distribution

  • Software development

  • IT and Business Consulting

Main industries served:

  • Finance & Banking

  • Government

  • Oil & Gas

  • Energy production and distribution

  • Telecommunication

  • Heavy Industry

  • Transportation

  • Education

  • Health/Medical

  • Distribution

  • Retail



Spectre’s vision is based on acknowledgement of the fact that ICT is the key foundation matrix for modern society. Nowadays it is impossible to operate without having IT solutions embedded in company’s scope of activities. Spectre keeps tracking latest trends in information technologies to match growing demands of the market. Company’s vision comprises supplying private, public and government associated institutions with cutting-edge ICT products and high-quality IT services, which will help organizations increase effectiveness and revenue.



For practical realization of its vision, Spectre has a strategy to become high-level system integrator company. By obtaining multivendor knowledge and skills, Spectre gains an expertise to deliver different types of hardware and software integration solutions for local and international companies.